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Postcard Plus Launches Redesigned App

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, MARCH 2, 2015 – Postcard Plus has announced the launch of a newly redesigned version of their popular app.

Postcard Plus allows users to create postcards using the app before mailing the keepsakes to recipients around the world. The initial app was launched two years ago and targeted to everyday consumers. Now, Postcard Plus aims to work with the travel industry to provide travel agents, hotels, and travel related event companies with custom postcard package. Packages entail a small monthly fee, and in return, travel companies offer their clients the ability to digitally create and send a real, personalized postcard.


In addition to the options for the travel industry released in the redesigned app, Postcard Plus offers a number of features including new templates, in-app downloads of further templates, photo placement, custom text and greetings, and more. Postcard Plus has gained favoritism among users because the app makes it easy to create and send a customized postcard. The service costs just $1.49 worldwide and allows users to create a completely personalized postcard in just three steps that can be mailed to a recipient.

Travel Industry Demo Postkarte 2

Postcard Plus can be used on vacation, for special occasions, holidays, or “just because”. Currently, Postcard Plus is located in the U.S. and Europe. The redesigned app aims to bring a new dynamic to travel industry professionals, offering a fun, new app for clients. This app can be used as an add-on to services, an amenity, or just a small bonus to services provided. Travel agents in Europe are currently using Postcard Plus, and the company hopes to expand further into the U.S. travel industry.